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About Ice FX Makeup: Unlike products of the past, Ice FX is a collection of products - Crystals, Gel, Powder and Frost, that have been specifically formulated for use in cosmetics. They have been created to be used alone or in conjunction with theatrical products and cosmetics.

Gentle enough for use on children and animals, yet providing the spectrum of effects needed for the professional execution of frozen characters.

All ICE FX products are water-soluble and may be either washed or peeled off. No solvents or removers are required or recommended. They are safe for use on the skin, hair, hair appliances (human or synthetic), fur, most apparel, plush, and in non-consumable food styling, props and decor.

The Products: ICE GEL: A hydro-adhesive (water-based). Specially formulated, this mild gel adhesive sets up quickly, dries in minutes and may be either peeled or washed off. It is a thick gel with an elastic quality that will slightly bend and stretch when used over articulated areas. Ice Gel has a slight hue of blue/green that contrasts with the Snow Frost particles suspended in the gel. The particles reflect light creating a realistic, sparkling effect. Ice Gel is used as a foundation or to suspend the Crystals and Powder.

ICE CRYSTALS: Medium and Large. Crystals are provided in two distinct sizes, with a spectrum of shapes and facets. The larger Crystals are used to cover larger areas, add depth and contour. The medium Crystals may be mixed with the Large, or used at edges, small patches and to accent curves and features of the face and makeup.

ICE POWDER: Fine, powdery finish. The Powder is used to compliment and finish crystallized areas or to create a snow packed, dry frozen effect. Ice Powder may be premixed with Crystals or used separately.

How To Use Ice FX Makeup: Makeup should be complete before applying Ice FX. Hair, wigs and beards should be styled and sprayed before applying Ice FX.

ICED/CRYSTALLIZED - After planning design or style, apply a liberal amount of Gel onto areas where ICE FX are desired. Apply generous amounts of medium and large Crystals to gel. Once crystal design is completed, apply a small amount of Gel on top of Crystals and then dust Crystals with a small amount of Ice Powder.

Crystals look the most realistic when the sizes are mixed with a small amount of Powder added as an accent. This is a cold, dry effect.

POWDERY/FROSTED - Apply a smooth, thin coat of Ice Gel onto area to be frosted. Sprinkle liberal amounts of Ice Powder onto Gel area. Once Gel and Powder sets, apply random spots of more Gel and Powder to build up area and intensity.

Powder looks the most realistic when it is brushed across sharp edges and flat/smooth areas such as cheeks, forehead, top of head, sideburns and whiskers. This is a dry, windblown effect.

SNOW FROST - For a dramatic, shimmering effect, add iridescent glitter or snowflakes to finished style. Use Ice Gel, Crystals and Powder as directed. Sprinkle a small amount of mini iridescent glitter on top of Crystals. For a more dramatic effect, apply a small amount of Ice Gel and dust with iridescent snowflakes.

SLUSH - For a wet, slushy effect, premix 1 part Crystals and 1 part Gel. Stir well. Apply mixture in heavy, lumpy 'clumps'. Once placed, gently work into area by smoothing edges. For a wetter appearance, use 2 parts Gel to 1 part Crystals. Slush effects work best on facial hair, tip of nose, earlobes, chin and streaked through hair. Once 'slush' sets, apply a small amount of Ice Powder to create a contrast between textures of Ice.

FROSTED HAIR - With styling gel or water, make wet strings of hair. Coat strings with Ice Gel followed by Crystals and Powder. Strings may be totally frosted by pressing gelled string or edges of hair into a small dish holding a mixture of Crystals and Powder. FROSTING works especially well on mustaches, sideburns, goatees, beards and brows.

REMOVAL - Ice FX Makeup is completely water washable. For easiest removal, wet a paper towel with warm water. Hold against skin for a few moments and gently wipe away excess makeup and crystals. Do not rub. Discard paper towels in trash. Do not wash down sink, as large amounts of crystals may cause clogs. Remove as much as the crystals and powder as possible. Then, wash face with soap and warm water. Shampoo hair well. Discard excess crystals in trash.


Blood Fx Makeup:

Liquid Blood - Safe, realistic theatrical product that runs, oozes and thickens like real blood. Simply twist open resealable top, hold tube up to area to be bloodied, and gently squeeze. Blood will trickle out of tube. Liquid Blood will thicken and set like real blood.

Gel Blood - Gel Blood requires heating - either by conventional methods or in a microwave. In either case, you must loosen the cap before heating. CONVENTIONAL HEATING: Place bottle in saucepan with water up to the bottom edge of the cap. Heat water on LOW until Gel Blood liquefies. DO NOT BOIL OR ALLOW TO SIMMER. MICROWAVE HEATING: Place bottle into a microwave-safe container and fill with water up to the bottom edge of the cap. Heat for 10 seconds. To Test Warmth: Tighten cap, remove red-colored tip and test Gel Blood on wrist. If too warm, allow Gel Blood to cool and test again. Application: Hold bottle to skin surface and squeezing gently, dribble Gel Blood onto skin. Use a small spatula, makeup applicator or cotton-tip swab to create effects, drips, dribbles and streaks. Gel Blood sets as it cools. Gel Blood is reusable. Place back in bottle and reheat.

Scab Blood - May be applied with fingers, spatula, applicator or cotton-tip swab. Simply apply Scab Blood to skin surface and shape. Scab blood will set and dry to look like a real scab.

Powder Blood - A dry powder product, to brush or sponge on... just add water to activate the powder into gruesome red gore. Excellent for slash, scratch and cutting effects. A little goes a long, long way.

Mouth Blood - .Use as much Mouth Blood as is comfortable, but use sparingly... a little goes a long way. May be used to fill gelatin capsules.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Read all instructions carefully. Before applying makeup, slip on any part of the costume that requires stretching over the head. Apply all character makeup, shadows, highlights, etc., before applying any Blood FX products.

REMOVAL and WARNINGS - As with all Blood products, some staining may occur.

DO NOT USE near eyes.

DO NOT use in carpeted areas.

Blood may permanently stain certain fabrics and surfaces. To protect clothing and costumes, use a cape or drape over apparel.

Use disposable towels and paper goods.

Use old clothes for blood saturated costumes.

If Blood temporarily stains skin, DO NOT RUB. The stain will fade with gentle washing and will disappear.

Not recommended for use by children under 10 years of age without attentive parental supervision.

Liquid Blood - Wash with mild soap, warm water and disposable paper towels.

Gel Blood - Peel off excess Gel Blood. Wash with mild soap, warm water and disposable paper towels.

Scab Blood - Gently wipe off excess Scab Blood. Wash with mild soap, warm water and disposable paper towels.

Powder Blood - Gently wipe off excess Powder Blood. Wash with mild soap, warm water and disposable paper towels.

Mouth Blood and Blood Capsules - Rinse mouth well with warm water and brush teeth. Wash skin with mild soap, warm water and disposable paper towels.

These Blood FX products are non-toxic, safe products manufactured from ingredients generally recognized as safe for use in cosmetics. In addition, the final formulations have been laboratory tested and they are non-toxic, non-irritating to eyes and skin, and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. However, as with any cosmetic, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction. A patch test is recommended before use. Apply a spot of product to inside elbow or wrist. Leave, uncovered, for 30-60 minutes. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use.