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Santa Hat & Ice FX Mini Makeup Kit

  • $14.99

• Celebrate the Christmas season with a traditional Santa Hat. Hat is made from a plush fabric in a rich red color and accented with a fluffy white ball. Hat is trimmed with faux fur. Adult Size

Add some additional Christmas touches with Ice FX Makeup!

• The Ice Kit is a mini, one use version of our Pro Kit. It has everything you need to create a frozen looking character. Perfect for eyebrows and beards or add some frozen effects to the faux fur.

Ice Kit contains: • 1 Tube Ice Gel ( .25 oz ) • 1 Packet Large Crystals ( .35 oz ) • 1 Packet Medium Crystals ( .35 oz ) • 1 Packet Powder ( .35 oz ). Instructions Sheet with pictures - how to create various types of ICE and FROZEN effects. Each kit is individually wrapped.

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