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Ice Fx™ Makeup only looks frozen !

Posted by Jason Lash on

Create dramatic arctic effects of frost & ice so realistic... it only looks frozen! Specially formulated crystals, powder & gel are safe / water washable... perfect for photographers shooting under hot lights or professional makeup artists trying to create that unique wintry look, Ice Fx™ Makeup will last until removed.

Ice Fx™ Makeup has been seen in film and on TV worldwide, as well as print & media ads where the illusion of winter’s bone chilling bite was needed. Easy application, Ice Fx™ stays put, won’t melt, & sticks anywhere... even on props. 


ICE GEL: A hydro-adhesive (water-based). Specially formulated, this mild gel adhesive sets up quickly, dries in minutes and may be either peeled or washed off. It is a thick gel with an elastic quality that will slightly bend and stretch when used over articulated areas. Ice Gel has a slight hue of blue/green that contrasts with the Snow Frost particles suspended in the gel. The particles reflect light creating a realistic, sparkling effect. Ice Gel is used as a foundation or to suspend the Crystals and Powder.

ICE CRYSTALS: Medium and Large. Crystals are provided in two distinct sizes, with a spectrum of shapes and facets. The larger Crystals are used to cover larger areas, add depth and contour. The medium Crystals may be mixed with the Large, or used at edges, small patches and to accent curves and features of the face and makeup.

ICE POWDER: Fine, powdery finish. The Powder is used to compliment and finish crystallized areas or to create a snow packed, dry frozen effect. Ice Powder may be premixed with Crystals or used separately. 
How To Use Ice FX Makeup: Makeup should be complete before applying Ice FX. Hair, wigs and beards should be styled and sprayed before applying Ice FX.

ICED/CRYSTALLIZED: After planning design or style, apply a liberal amount of Gel onto areas where ICE FX are desired. Apply generous amounts of medium and large Crystals to gel. Once crystal design is completed, apply a small amount of Gel on top of Crystals and then dust Crystals with a small amount of Ice Powder. Crystals look the most realistic when the sizes are mixed with a small amount of Powder added as an accent. This is a cold, dry effect.

POWDERY/FROSTED: Apply a smooth, thin coat of Ice Gel onto area to be frosted. Sprinkle liberal amounts of Ice Powder onto Gel area. Once Gel and Powder sets, apply random spots of more Gel and Powder to build up area and intensity. 
Powder looks the most realistic when it is brushed across sharp edges and flat/smooth areas such as cheeks, forehead, top of head, sideburns and whiskers. This is a dry, windblown effect.

SNOW FROST: For a dramatic, shimmering effect, add iridescent glitter or snowflakes to finished style. Use Ice Gel, Crystals and Powder as directed. Sprinkle a small amount of mini iridescent glitter on top of Crystals. For a more dramatic effect, apply a small amount of Ice Gel and dust with iridescent snowflakes.

SLUSH: For a wet, slushy effect, premix 1 part Crystals and 1 part Gel. Stir well. Apply mixture in heavy, lumpy 'clumps'. Once placed, gently work into area by smoothing edges. For a wetter appearance, use 2 parts Gel to 1 part Crystals. Slush effects work best on facial hair, tip of nose, earlobes, chin and streaked through hair. Once 'slush' sets, apply a small amount of Ice Powder to create a contrast between textures of Ice.

FROSTED HAIR: With styling gel or water, make wet strings of hair. Coat strings with Ice Gel followed by Crystals and Powder. Strings may be totally frosted by pressing gelled string or edges of hair into a small dish holding a mixture of Crystals and Powder. FROSTING works especially well on mustaches, sideburns, goatees, beards and brows. 
REMOVAL - Ice FX Makeup is completely water washable. For easiest removal, wet a paper towel with warm water. Hold against skin for a few moments and gently wipe away excess makeup and crystals. Do not rub. Discard paper towels in trash. Do not wash down sink, as large amounts of crystals may cause clogs. Remove as much as the crystals and powder as possible. Then, wash face with soap and warm water. Shampoo hair well. Discard excess crystals in trash.


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